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The unITe Advantage:

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  • Worlds Most Accurate (Patent Pending) scanning software using Tru-Depth Technology measuring @ ~0.1mm.

  • Recommends ANY Manufacturer mask you provide based on patient scan results using AI Computer learning technology.

  • Connects to your E-Commerce Site DIRECTLY offering your customer a quick and easy mask recommendation.

The App

World's first AI-powered Mobile App for your Sleep Apnea

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Data-Driven Sizing & Mask Fitting Recommendations for your CPAP or BiPAP™ Therapy


MaskFit AR is more than just a face scanner, mask measurement tool, or fitting guide, it is the next-generation mobile app platform that enables the user to overcome the limitations of traditional physical infrastructures needed to appropriately fit a CPAP/ BiPAP™ Mask. We have a wide selection of CPAP mask brands in our database, including Resmed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, DeVilbiss, Circadiance, Apex Medical, Hans Rudolph, InnoMed/Respcare, Sleepnet and Puritan Bennett.


Benefits of MaskFit Technology


Remote Setups

Tru-Depth 3D Facial Scanning

99.9% Accuracy

Cut down shipping cost

Stop using Fit Packs

Increase Compliance

Decrease Leaks

Increase Comfort

Save on labor cost

Replenishment Reminders

Cost of Goods Savings by Direct Sourcing

Consultation Services

Sleep Lab

Our facial scanning technology will allow you to spend more time analyzing a patients sleep patterns and less time worrying about the best mask to use!!!  Our data matrix is combined with our proprietary algorithm which will then analyze and compare it with the largest data set collected in our industry worldwide.


A list of suggested masks your company offers is provided to your customer directly on your site that is unbiased to any particular manufacturer or variables easily influenced by opinion. The list is generated based on the statistical analysis of the user's individual profile and compared to others with a similar profile to find the most appropriate recommendations.

Get Started

MaskFit AR Workflow

To get started and get the most out of MaskFit AR, we recommend that you proceed to watch our brief tutorial. The tutorial covers an overview of functions in MaskFit AR that explains how to create a profile, how to scan your face, and how to obtain a list of best-fit masks to treat your sleep apnea.

If you have an Apple device with a TrueDepth camera, please watch the Scan Face 3D Pro tutorial; otherwise, proceed to watch the Scan Face 3D tutorial.

About Us

Our Main Goal

"We're here to HELP and for no other reason"

Unite Data Solutions was created with YOU and your BUSINESS in mind.  Whether your need is Direct Sourcing, Manufacturing Cost Savings, Technology Automation Efficiencies, Current Process Analysis or Advising.  We want to Partner with you, work for you and expand on your current model to bring you SAVINGS and Scalable Revenue Opportunities!!!


What customers are saying:

After multiple attempts I still couldn't find the right mask for me, but Unite powered by MaskFit AR technology did on the first attempt!

Joan Marks

Unite saved me over 40% on cost of goods by cutting out all the middlemen and going directly to the manufacturers.

Raymond Souza

Unite has all the answers when it comes to helping me grow and expanding my business.

Maggie Stalk

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